10 Things make iPhone Better Than Android

10 Things make iPhone Better Than Android

Android phones are widely accepted by the users. They offer unlimited customization and a plenty of freely available apps. But a number of users still like to have an iPhone rather than Android phones. There are several things that make the iPhone better than Android phone. This situation might be confusing for the new buyers. If you are going to buy an iPhone and still confused, then the following points encourage you to buy an iPhone.

The reasons that make iPhone Better Than Android

1- Safety is the most important.

Android users use memory cards to save their family pictures, videos and other important data on their smartphones so that they can access it whenever they want. They remain happy to set a password and think that their data is safe, but they are absolutely wrong. The data can be accessed by restoring the phone or your memory card might be stolen.

While in iPhone no one can get your data because there is no removable data storage feature available on the iPhone. If someone tries to use your iPhone then he has to remove its software that also removes all of your stored data.

Because Android is an open source, anyone can modify or customize therefore several customized versions of Android are available. By using any customized version you may be a victim of hackers. Whereas the iPhone users have the benefit that they always get the iOS official version to use. No one can modify iOS because is is a closed source software.


If we talk about cameras, then the cameras in Android phones don't perform as well as iphone6. Although a few Android phones like Samsung Galaxy note4 have much better cameras, but they still can't beat iphones6. You can make excellent photos with iphone6 camera as well as it also has some great features. It is possible that the next iPhone will come with a DSLR camera.

3- Simplicity.

Apple's iPhones are very simple and easy to navigate. Simplicity also makes the iPhone better than Android. Without learning anything everyone can use it. You can find all system settings in one folder which make it easy for you to manage your phone. With this easy to use software you enjoy to complete your required operations more quickly. While in android there are some things which make it complicated. A new user has to learn several functions and features to operate his phone such as specific settings in every single app and menus.

4- Availability of the best apps.

The users who want the best apps for their smartphones always prefer to buy an iPhone except of Android phones. Because every new and the best apps first of all available at iOS platform. Although these apps also available for Android phones, but their features and performance is not as fine as in iphone6.

5- Media.

With easy video management and effortless podcast the iPhone's excellent music app adds more points to iPhone over Android. The iPhone's app ecosystem is simply outstanding. Due to iTunes store, you can easily download unlimited music, TV programs, movies and podcasts to your phone.

6- Updates.

In Android, different developers, several models and hardware specifications, create troubles for the users. Whenever Android's new version is released by Google the majority of Android users can't get it. If they want the updated software then they have to buy a new phone too. Apple also releases new versions every year for iOS but there are no such restrictions for iPhone users. All existing iPhone users can easily get the latest updates whenever it's available.

7- Excellent Touch ID sensors.

Apple's iPhones have always included the world's bet Touch ID sensors which work accurately. This is because Apple owns a company name AuthenTec that is known for making the unbeatable Touch ID sensors. This is one of the big reasons that make the iPhone better than Android. You can also find fingerprint sensors in some Android phones like HTC but they are not so beneficial and appropriate.

8- Parental control.

Family sharing is a great feature which Apple has included in ios8. If you want to make some limitations for your family members such as what content and apps they should use what they should not use then this feature is perfect for you. Family sharing feature makes it possible for you to share your selected content and apps with all of the phones your home members are using. You can also restrict your children to use the apps that you think are not suitable for them.

9- The smart HomeKit feature.

Apple's HomeKit is an awesome feature which enables you to operate all of your home appliances and electrical lights through your iPhone. The developers of this device are working to add more features in it. This smart HomeKit will make the iPhones more popular very soon. We will see a plenty of smart HomeKit devices in the near future.

10- Brilliant support.

If you are and Android user and you have some kind of a problem with your phone, then you can get the help from your service center, but their support is not as appropriate as Apple provides to its users in their stores. Apple is providing the wonderful and complete support to its users through their service centers and their support is much better than any other phone maker's support.

Although there are several things in which we can say Android is better, but the above mentioned reasons definitely make the iPhone better than Android.


  1. I held out and refused all "smart" phones iPhone Android.. Windows... but just starting on android and also just getting an apple at work the learning curve is so much more intuitive and easier for me on android.. the apple is counterintuitive for many things... the only thing I like better so far is the unlocking with the thumb/finger scanner... that is soooo much nicer than hitting the codes on my android.... other than that... I think the only thing apple has on adroid is that so many app makers do apple first then think of android later.... all told though.. I would throw this apple against the wall 10 times by now... but my samsung has yet to piss me off in the same way

  2. In 2012 i bought my first android (Note 1). It was far behind IOS in so many ways. It was unstable, it lagged. But despite that I still held onto it. This year, 2015, I bought a new Android (Note 4). To my surprise, the Note 4 is a massive upgrade for me. I was pleasantly surprised at its beauty, speed, tech and the smoothness.
    After a few weeks, I decided to get myself an ipad air 2 mini to give it a shot (a few of my colleagues had good reviews about its stability and how game playing never lags). So I bought it and never in my life had I felt so restricted.
    On Android, I was like a free person. On IOS, I felt exactly like a bird trapped in a cage. It was frustrating to be held back by so many things.
    Oh and... after playing a heavy game on IOS... i found that in order to maintain the smoothness of the game, IOS actually helps you cut off the game sounds. So there I was playing a game which was muted by IOS.
    To those hardcore apple fans: - you guys really do need to see the world more. It is 2015 now, Android is now better than IOS. Face the reality.

  3. It looks like i have written the above comment...feeling exactly the same!

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