Android tips that every user should know

Android tips that every user should know

 Most of the people love to have Android phones because they are simple to use. But if you want to make your phone easier and efficient than you can do it by following some Android tips and taking some simple actions. Customizing your Android phone is not difficult. Because Android is an open source so there is a lot of options available for modification. You can not only personalize your phone, but through some effortless techniques, your phone remains cool and well organized as well as you will be able to save your battery power for a long time. We are going to describe here the 10 Android tips which are necessary for users to know.

10 Android Tips to make your phone more efficient

1- Turn on energy saving feature: If your phone has an energy saving mode then enable it. A number of Android phones include a high level power saving function. You can find this battery saving function in the settings menu. Turn it on to save your battery power for a long time. But remember one thing that some Android phones don't have a power saving function.

2-Use Google now App: Google now can be your best companion by helping you to manage different things. You can get this app from the Google app store. You have to set your preferences according to your needs. You can personalize everything which you like so that you can get notifications of your favorite books, movies, TV shows, sports and much more.

3-Use Android launchers: to make changes is a human nature. He becomes sick if he has to see a same thing every day. You might want to change the appearance of your phone. There are several apps available at the Google app store which can easily change the appearance of your phone. You can choose some of the best Android launchers to use.

4- Manage your apps: Android users use a lot of different apps. It's a good idea to manage all apps into different folders. You can arrange folders according to categories. This will make them easy to find and quickly accessible whenever you need. You can find the create folder icon at the top left corner. Just hold on your selected app and drag into it.

5-Keep a charged spare battery for backup: By having a spare battery for backup you will remain relaxed. If the power of your phone's battery ends at the place where you can't find any power outlet to recharge it, then you can easily replace it with your charged spare battery. Usually an extra removable battery is included in the Android phone package.

6-The benefit of using Chrome browser: You can set up your bookmark choices and personal preferences in Chrome browser. When you use your phone also log in to Google Chrome and your browser will instantly show your customized preferences and bookmarks.

7- Protect your data with Google Authenticator: If you want that no one can access to your Google account and your data remain safe then you should use Google Authenticator. Every time when you log-in to your Google account this app generates a code which you have to enter along with your password. This two step security feature makes your account more safe, especially when you have to use your Google account on some other's computer. If someone steals your password, then he still unable to access your account because he can't get the code.

8- Turn on reduce data usage in Chrome: Manage your bandwidth in Chrome browser by enabling the reduce data feature. It will clear a lot of space which is occupied by unnecessary data when you browse.

9-Make changes in defaults: At any time you might wish to make some changes in your phone like your default browser and apps, etc. It is possible to change the defaults of your Android phone. Just go to settings, select all and click on clear defaults.

10-Use Swype keyboard: There are several keyboard apps available in Google play store. Swype keyboard is the best because currently it is specially developed for Android phones. Except typing the letters you can enter the words by sliding your finger. Enter all letters of a word by sliding your finger and without leaving the screen. Then the app will automatically pick the word.

With the help of above mentioned android tips your phone will become more efficient.

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