WhatsApp for PC can't do 5 things

WhatsApp for PC can't do 5 things

Do you know the things which WhatsApp for PC can't do? WhatsApp is the widest mobile based messaging service in the world. Above 70 billion active users use this service regularly. The majority of the users also wants to use WhatsApp on their computers. So that they could remain connected with their friends while they are working on their computers.

Due to the huge demand from the users at last WhatsApp has provided a way for the PC users to use the service. But the users have to face some limitations. Today we will discuss about these limitations.

What are the things which WhatsApp for PC can't do.

1- Can't support all browsers except Google Chrome:

The web interface of WhatsApp can't support all browsers like Safari, Firefox, Opera and even Internet Explorer. It is only available for Google Chrome. According the WhatsApp the push technology of Google Chrome works very well. That's why the users of the browsers other than Chrome are unable to access WhatsApp through their desktop computers. Further, the majority of the administrators of different IT programs don't allow to use Apps.

This situation is amazing because Microsoft (the owner of Internet Explorer) has invested in Facebook. As WhatsApp is owned by Facebook then why WhatsApp is not supporting Internet Explorer. While the service supports Chrome which is owned by Google and we know that Google is the biggest competitor of Facebook.

2- Support for iPhone is not available:

To provide the service between the browser and your phone WhatsApp actually uses its servers. In these days WhatsApp for PC is not available for iPhone users. They say that there are some limitations of Apple's platform which restrict WhatsApp to support iPhone. Therefore the iPhone users who use WhatsApp can't send and receive messages through their browser. They will have to tap into their phones when they receive a WhatsApp message while working on computers. According to WhatsApp their support for iPhone users will be available in the future.

3- You have to keep your phone on and connected to the network:

If you want to use WhatsApp for messaging via your browser then you need a QR code. This QR code enables you to connect your phone with WhatsApp servers. Here one thing is necessary that you have to remain connected to the network. If there is a problem with data connection or your phone turns off due to lack of the power then WhatsApp web service also turns off. The WhatsApp web client requires your smartphone to remain connected to the network to send and receive messages.

4- Users block feature not available:

In WhatsApp, continuous incoming spam messages make you panic. The solution is simple. You can easily block those users who send spam messages. But in WhatsApp for PC there is no such block feature available. You have to use your phone to block spammers.

5- You are unable to leave or create a group:

WhatsApp for PC doesn't support broadcast messages. You can't create new groups through the web client. It is also impossible for you to leave a group which you are also a member.

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