NOVA Launcher Prime Review

NOVA Launcher Prime Review

Nova Launcher Prime APK is a wonderful and best app. It enables you to change your home screen and customize your theme. Although there are hundreds of apps available in the stores that customize your home screen and icons. But nova launcher prime has several cool features that have made this app very popular among the Android users. This is useful for the people who are very curious to customize their mobile phone's home screen.

Watch a review of Nova Launcher Prime in this video

Samsung Galaxy S5 NOVA Launcher Prime - Review by Dong

Benefits of using Nova Launcher Prime

Lets put a look on some benefits of Nova Launcher Prime. Does users find it user friendly or not.

1- As we mentioned above, it is easily customizable. Along with replacing the home screen there are many other customization features available. Such as icons, folder backgrounds and color themes.

2- It enables you to scroll and preview quickly. It is surprisingly fast in everything

3- If you are an expert in operating your launcher, you can easily manage and check everything with the help of Nova Launcher Prime.

4- It also gives you the backup option. If you have lost something then its restore feature helps you to get everything back quite easily.

5- It has a scroll able dock which allows you to add up to 7 of your favorite apps per page.

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