Leap Motion Controller Product Information

If you want to communicate with your PC entirely in a new way, then The Leap Motion Controller is for you. It captures your hand's movement and when you swipe or grab your hands in the air, you can see their movements on your computer screen. It is not a substitute of a keyboard or mouse though it enables you to use different applications by controlling your hand's motion. When you purchase it, you are also given some free apps for your startup. While in the Leap Motion's App Store you can find more than 200 apps.

Leap Motion Controller Product Information

Leap Motion Controller review

By starting using the introductory app, you are going to make your PC a gesture-controlled command center. You can watch videos, Play music, scroll through documents, visit websites and switch between different applications with just waving your hands.
The Leap Motion controller is not so expensive. This well-designed device can work with Windows and Macs. You have to download and install its software from their specific app store. After that, plug it into a USB port and you are ready to experience.

This small unit is only three inches long. It is light and lustrous. It detects the hand's motion through infrared technology. The use of three LEDs, 2 micro-cameras and extremely complicated mathematical algorithms make it accurate and the best one among all motion control technologies.

The Leap Motion Controller has a Z-axis for depth and a vast 150° view field which can capture the movements of your hands in 3D. It enables you to feel your actions so real same as you do in your real life. It can capture the motion with a rate of more than two hundred frames every second.
Although at this time you can only use it for entertainment purpose, but in the future a lot more will be possible. The technology is constantly improving. You always have the access to download free software updates and enjoy fresh features.

What we can do with Leap Motion Controller?

By waving your finger you can: 
Search the web. 
Browse the images.  
Read articles.  
Play music. 
Sketch and paint a drawing. 
Drive vehicle, fly planes or play musical instruments in the air.  
Play with objects just like real. You are able to catch, pinch, grab, twitch, stretch and move things with your hands in the air. 

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