How to get electricity connection in Pakistan

How to get electricity connection in Pakistan
Getting a new electricity connection is not as difficult or complicated as people think. When a person wants to get an electricity connection in Pakistan, then he needs to follow some simple steps. This is the duty of the department to guide him. If the applicant follows the required rules then the related officers  are responsible to complete his request. They are not allowed to make any excuses such as:

1-  They can't say that there are no application forms available.
2- They are not allowed to say to the applicant to go and bring the completed file from somewhere.

Required documents for electricity connection in Pakistan

The applicant has to submit the following documents along with his application.

1-  A photocopy of the National Identity card of the applicant and his witness.
2-  Proof of the ownership of the house or shop where an electricity connection is required.
3-  A photocopy of an electricity consumer bill of the applicant's neighbor.
4- The applicant has to submit the power of attorney if he had applied to this electricity connection for a limited company.
5-  A clearance certificate from revenue office, which clarify that the concerning property has no pending dues.

After receiving the application for electricity connection, what action is taken?

When someone requires an electricity connection, then he has to take an application form from the nearest sub divisional office of WAPDA. He should fill out this form and submit it with required documents. Now SDC commercial is responsible to collect the form and give it to the Line superintendent (LS). Then LS checks the file and sends the related Lineman to the location for making an estimate of required cost. Now this is the lineman's duty to measure the distance between the applicant's location to electricity pool. If this distance is less than 40 meters, then this electricity connection must be approved without any objection.

 If the distance is more than 40 meters, then the cost of the new electricity pool may be included in the demand notice. After making the cost estimate, the lineman returns the file to LS. Now this is the duty of LS to prepare a demand notice according to the lineman's estimate and send it to the applicant's address. When the applicant pays the required amount in the bank, the sub divisional officer is informed by the bank with in 24 hours. Now this is the responsibility of the department to fix the electricity meter on the applicant's required location.

This is the whole process to get an electricity connection in Pakistan.

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