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Assalam o Alaikum
Welcome viewers! You are here because you want to know about us,well is a magazine site which started in march 2014.In this site we try to discuss each and everything, every topic such as news,current affairs,lifestyles,entertainment,personalities,movies,technology,health,recipes and much more.
The purpose of making this website is sharing information and disseminating knowledge.Because we believe that, it is very important to spread useful information with people.If we have some information about something then it is our duty to inform others so that they can   get benefit.

Mr.Kamran Ali is the founder of this site.He completed his graduation and after failing to get a suitable job he started his own business.Where he provides graphics designing and picture editing services.He also loves blogging and sharing information with others.He really wants a peaceful world,he loves children of all world and want to do something for poor children.His aim is to make a free school or tuition academy for poor children where they can get quality education for free.
We believe in honesty, in this site we try to provide information which is true and useful.We love to do original work and we hate to do copy paste.If somebody wants to ask any questions then feel free to contact us.

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