Monday, 14 November 2016

Leap Motion Controller Product Information

If you want to communicate with your PC entirely in a new way, then The Leap Motion Controller is for you. It captures your hand's movement and when you swipe or grab your hands in the air, you can see their movements on your computer screen. It is not a substitute of a keyboard or mouse though it enables you to use different applications by controlling your hand's motion. When you purchase it, you are also given some free apps for your startup. While in the Leap Motion's App Store you can find more than 200 apps.

Leap Motion Controller Product Information

Leap Motion Controller review

By starting using the introductory app, you are going to make your PC a gesture-controlled command center. You can watch videos, Play music, scroll through documents, visit websites and switch between different applications with just waving your hands.
The Leap Motion controller is not so expensive. This well-designed device can work with Windows and Macs. You have to download and install its software from their specific app store. After that, plug it into a USB port and you are ready to experience.

This small unit is only three inches long. It is light and lustrous. It detects the hand's motion through infrared technology. The use of three LEDs, 2 micro-cameras and extremely complicated mathematical algorithms make it accurate and the best one among all motion control technologies.

The Leap Motion Controller has a Z-axis for depth and a vast 150° view field which can capture the movements of your hands in 3D. It enables you to feel your actions so real same as you do in your real life. It can capture the motion with a rate of more than two hundred frames every second.
Although at this time you can only use it for entertainment purpose, but in the future a lot more will be possible. The technology is constantly improving. You always have the access to download free software updates and enjoy fresh features.

What we can do with Leap Motion Controller?

By waving your finger you can: 
Search the web. 
Browse the images.  
Read articles.  
Play music. 
Sketch and paint a drawing. 
Drive vehicle, fly planes or play musical instruments in the air.  
Play with objects just like real. You are able to catch, pinch, grab, twitch, stretch and move things with your hands in the air. 

Monday, 1 June 2015

Comedy Nights With Kapil Shoaib Akhtar full episode

Comedy Nights With Kapil Shoaib Akhtar full episode
A few days ago former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar appeared as a guest in the famous comedy show of Indian TV named Comedy Nights with Kapil. The other guest was Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh. This show is highly popular in India as well as in Pakistan. But this episode of the show has gone viral. Why? just read below and watch the whole video.

What Shoaib Akhtar did in Comedy Nights With Kapil ?

Shoaib Akhtar has remained a wonderful paceman in Pakistan cricket team. He has a huge fan base. But after what he did in this show, now he has lost the majority of his fans. Due to his cheap and clumsy jokes, he has disappointed not only his fans but also all loyal Pakistanis. Akhtar is also considered as a controversial person in Pakistan cricket. The Rawalpindi Express tried to make fun of his team mates and former great players of Pakistan cricket team.

Many of you may say that every man has the freedom of speech. But we can't allow anyone to insult others with the name of this "so called" freedom of speech. What he wanted to prove. Whether he is seeking a comedy role in Bollywood. What he said in this show, just watch in the below video.

Watch the reaction of some celebrities against Shoaib Akhtar

A lot of  patriot countrymen and also several celebrities seriously criticized him. In the below video you can watch the reaction of popular Pakistani comedian Naseem Vicky who has already been worked in several episodes of this show. You can also watch a clip of the said show in this video.

Umer Sharif has also criticized on Shoaib Akhtar in his show at ARY News TV. You can also see the remarks of another famous actor Qaiser Khan and former cricketers Kamran Akmal and Basit Ali in the below video.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

NOVA Launcher Prime Review

NOVA Launcher Prime Review
Nova Launcher Prime APK is a wonderful and best app. It enables you to change your home screen and customize your theme. Although there are hundreds of apps available in the stores that customize your home screen and icons. But nova launcher prime has several cool features that have made this app very popular among the Android users. This is useful for the people who are very curious to customize their mobile phone's home screen.

Watch a review of Nova Launcher Prime in this video

Samsung Galaxy S5 NOVA Launcher Prime - Review by Dong

Benefits of using Nova Launcher Prime

Lets put a look on some benefits of Nova Launcher Prime. Does users find it user friendly or not.

1- As we mentioned above, it is easily customizable. Along with replacing the home screen there are many other customization features available. Such as icons, folder backgrounds and color themes.

2- It enables you to scroll and preview quickly. It is surprisingly fast in everything

3- If you are an expert in operating your launcher, you can easily manage and check everything with the help of Nova Launcher Prime.

4- It also gives you the backup option. If you have lost something then its restore feature helps you to get everything back quite easily.

5- It has a scroll able dock which allows you to add up to 7 of your favorite apps per page.

Friday, 20 February 2015

10 Things make iPhone Better Than Android

10 Things make iPhone Better Than Android
Android phones are widely accepted by the users. They offer unlimited customization and a plenty of freely available apps. But a number of users still like to have an iPhone rather than Android phones. There are several things that make the iPhone better than Android phone. This situation might be confusing for the new buyers. If you are going to buy an iPhone and still confused, then the following points encourage you to buy an iPhone.

The reasons that make iPhone Better Than Android

1- Safety is the most important.

Android users use memory cards to save their family pictures, videos and other important data on their smartphones so that they can access it whenever they want. They remain happy to set a password and think that their data is safe, but they are absolutely wrong. The data can be accessed by restoring the phone or your memory card might be stolen.

While in iPhone no one can get your data because there is no removable data storage feature available on the iPhone. If someone tries to use your iPhone then he has to remove its software that also removes all of your stored data.

Because Android is an open source, anyone can modify or customize therefore several customized versions of Android are available. By using any customized version you may be a victim of hackers. Whereas the iPhone users have the benefit that they always get the iOS official version to use. No one can modify iOS because is is a closed source software.


If we talk about cameras, then the cameras in Android phones don't perform as well as iphone6. Although a few Android phones like Samsung Galaxy note4 have much better cameras, but they still can't beat iphones6. You can make excellent photos with iphone6 camera as well as it also has some great features. It is possible that the next iPhone will come with a DSLR camera.

3- Simplicity.

Apple's iPhones are very simple and easy to navigate. Simplicity also makes the iPhone better than Android. Without learning anything everyone can use it. You can find all system settings in one folder which make it easy for you to manage your phone. With this easy to use software you enjoy to complete your required operations more quickly. While in android there are some things which make it complicated. A new user has to learn several functions and features to operate his phone such as specific settings in every single app and menus.

4- Availability of the best apps.

The users who want the best apps for their smartphones always prefer to buy an iPhone except of Android phones. Because every new and the best apps first of all available at iOS platform. Although these apps also available for Android phones, but their features and performance is not as fine as in iphone6.

5- Media.

With easy video management and effortless podcast the iPhone's excellent music app adds more points to iPhone over Android. The iPhone's app ecosystem is simply outstanding. Due to iTunes store, you can easily download unlimited music, TV programs, movies and podcasts to your phone.

6- Updates.

In Android, different developers, several models and hardware specifications, create troubles for the users. Whenever Android's new version is released by Google the majority of Android users can't get it. If they want the updated software then they have to buy a new phone too. Apple also releases new versions every year for iOS but there are no such restrictions for iPhone users. All existing iPhone users can easily get the latest updates whenever it's available.

7- Excellent Touch ID sensors.

Apple's iPhones have always included the world's bet Touch ID sensors which work accurately. This is because Apple owns a company name AuthenTec that is known for making the unbeatable Touch ID sensors. This is one of the big reasons that make the iPhone better than Android. You can also find fingerprint sensors in some Android phones like HTC but they are not so beneficial and appropriate.

8- Parental control.

Family sharing is a great feature which Apple has included in ios8. If you want to make some limitations for your family members such as what content and apps they should use what they should not use then this feature is perfect for you. Family sharing feature makes it possible for you to share your selected content and apps with all of the phones your home members are using. You can also restrict your children to use the apps that you think are not suitable for them.

9- The smart HomeKit feature.

Apple's HomeKit is an awesome feature which enables you to operate all of your home appliances and electrical lights through your iPhone. The developers of this device are working to add more features in it. This smart HomeKit will make the iPhones more popular very soon. We will see a plenty of smart HomeKit devices in the near future.

10- Brilliant support.

If you are and Android user and you have some kind of a problem with your phone, then you can get the help from your service center, but their support is not as appropriate as Apple provides to its users in their stores. Apple is providing the wonderful and complete support to its users through their service centers and their support is much better than any other phone maker's support.

Although there are several things in which we can say Android is better, but the above mentioned reasons definitely make the iPhone better than Android.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Android tips that every user should know

Android tips that every user should know
Most of the people love to have Android phones because they are simple to use. But if you want to make your phone easier and efficient than you can do it by following some Android tips and taking some simple actions. Customizing your Android phone is not difficult. Because Android is an open source so there is a lot of options available for modification. You can not only personalize your phone, but through some effortless techniques, your phone remains cool and well organized as well as you will be able to save your battery power for a long time. We are going to describe here the 10 Android tips which are necessary for users to know.

10 Android Tips to make your phone more efficient

1- Turn on energy saving feature: If your phone has an energy saving mode then enable it. A number of Android phones include a high level power saving function. You can find this battery saving function in the settings menu. Turn it on to save your battery power for a long time. But remember one thing that some Android phones don't have a power saving function.

2-Use Google now App: Google now can be your best companion by helping you to manage different things. You can get this app from the Google app store. You have to set your preferences according to your needs. You can personalize everything which you like so that you can get notifications of your favorite books, movies, TV shows, sports and much more.

3-Use Android launchers: to make changes is a human nature. He becomes sick if he has to see a same thing every day. You might want to change the appearance of your phone. There are several apps available at the Google app store which can easily change the appearance of your phone. You can choose some of the best Android launchers to use.

4- Manage your apps: Android users use a lot of different apps. It's a good idea to manage all apps into different folders. You can arrange folders according to categories. This will make them easy to find and quickly accessible whenever you need. You can find the create folder icon at the top left corner. Just hold on your selected app and drag into it.

5-Keep a charged spare battery for backup: By having a spare battery for backup you will remain relaxed. If the power of your phone's battery ends at the place where you can't find any power outlet to recharge it, then you can easily replace it with your charged spare battery. Usually an extra removable battery is included in the Android phone package.

6-The benefit of using Chrome browser: You can set up your bookmark choices and personal preferences in Chrome browser. When you use your phone also log in to Google Chrome and your browser will instantly show your customized preferences and bookmarks.

7- Protect your data with Google Authenticator: If you want that no one can access to your Google account and your data remain safe then you should use Google Authenticator. Every time when you log-in to your Google account this app generates a code which you have to enter along with your password. This two step security feature makes your account more safe, especially when you have to use your Google account on some other's computer. If someone steals your password, then he still unable to access your account because he can't get the code.

8- Turn on reduce data usage in Chrome: Manage your bandwidth in Chrome browser by enabling the reduce data feature. It will clear a lot of space which is occupied by unnecessary data when you browse.

9-Make changes in defaults: At any time you might wish to make some changes in your phone like your default browser and apps, etc. It is possible to change the defaults of your Android phone. Just go to settings, select all and click on clear defaults.

10-Use Swype keyboard: There are several keyboard apps available in Google play store. Swype keyboard is the best because currently it is specially developed for Android phones. Except typing the letters you can enter the words by sliding your finger. Enter all letters of a word by sliding your finger and without leaving the screen. Then the app will automatically pick the word.

With the help of above mentioned android tips your phone will become more efficient.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

WhatsApp for PC can't do 5 things

WhatsApp for PC can't do 5 things
Do you know the things which WhatsApp for PC can't do? WhatsApp is the widest mobile based messaging service in the world. Above 70 billion active users use this service regularly. The majority of the users also wants to use WhatsApp on their computers. So that they could remain connected with their friends while they are working on their computers.

Due to the huge demand from the users at last WhatsApp has provided a way for the PC users to use the service. But the users have to face some limitations. Today we will discuss about these limitations.

What are the things which WhatsApp for PC can't do.

1- Can't support all browsers except Google Chrome:

The web interface of WhatsApp can't support all browsers like Safari, Firefox, Opera and even Internet Explorer. It is only available for Google Chrome. According the WhatsApp the push technology of Google Chrome works very well. That's why the users of the browsers other than Chrome are unable to access WhatsApp through their desktop computers. Further, the majority of the administrators of different IT programs don't allow to use Apps.

This situation is amazing because Microsoft (the owner of Internet Explorer) has invested in Facebook. As WhatsApp is owned by Facebook then why WhatsApp is not supporting Internet Explorer. While the service supports Chrome which is owned by Google and we know that Google is the biggest competitor of Facebook.

2- Support for iPhone is not available:

To provide the service between the browser and your phone WhatsApp actually uses its servers. In these days WhatsApp for PC is not available for iPhone users. They say that there are some limitations of Apple's platform which restrict WhatsApp to support iPhone. Therefore the iPhone users who use WhatsApp can't send and receive messages through their browser. They will have to tap into their phones when they receive a WhatsApp message while working on computers. According to WhatsApp their support for iPhone users will be available in the future.

3- You have to keep your phone on and connected to the network:

If you want to use WhatsApp for messaging via your browser then you need a QR code. This QR code enables you to connect your phone with WhatsApp servers. Here one thing is necessary that you have to remain connected to the network. If there is a problem with data connection or your phone turns off due to lack of the power then WhatsApp web service also turns off. The WhatsApp web client requires your smartphone to remain connected to the network to send and receive messages.

4- Users block feature not available:

In WhatsApp, continuous incoming spam messages make you panic. The solution is simple. You can easily block those users who send spam messages. But in WhatsApp for PC there is no such block feature available. You have to use your phone to block spammers.

5- You are unable to leave or create a group:

WhatsApp for PC doesn't support broadcast messages. You can't create new groups through the web client. It is also impossible for you to leave a group which you are also a member.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Best Gadgets Purchasing Tips

Best Gadgets Purchasing Tips
Everyone wants to have best gadgets. Do you know what things to remember while purchasing gadgets. Due to the ignorance majority of the people buy the gadgets in which many important features are not included. A wise man always research before purchasing anything. Today we will describe some important things. Everyone must check these necessary features before buying any gadget.

The features which must be included in the best gadgets

1- Power Bank:

If you purchase a precious and expensive mobile phone, then your power bank should also be standardized. Cheap or non-standard power bank can spoil your device. The following features must be included in your power bank.

A- It can charge multiple devices simultaneously.

B- It charges your device faster and does not waste energy during charging.

C- When it becomes idol it should be off automatically.

E- Your power bank must be certified by the safety standard agency.

2- Anti-virus software:

A good Anti-virus program is very essential for computers and smartphones. The majority of the users often uses the free downloadable version of any popular anti-virus program. A very less users purchase the full version. Although your free version works well, but it only protects your device from old viruses. In case of a new virus attack this free version can't protect your device. You also can't get support from the software developer. That's why, if you have the best gadgets and you want to get the full benefits of your anti-virus software then you have to buy the full version. You should pay attention to security more than the price. When you are going to purchase an anti-virus software first confirm that whether this software is compatible with your device Ram and processor or not. A good anti-virus software must have the following features.

A- When a virus or Trojan attacks, your anti-virus program must be able to protect itself.

B- It should be faster and work with high speed.

C- It must be verified by the quality testing labs.

D- Online support from developers should remain available every time.

E- Your software should not only anti-virus, but it should also be Anti-Trojan, Anti-Rootkit, Anti-Malware and Anti-Phishing.

3- Mobile Scan App:

Nowadays majority of the internet users surfing with their smartphones. That's why having a mobile scan app is a must and compulsory for your best gadgets. This app should be less power consuming. That not only allow you to apply add-on features, but also able to block unwanted websites. Your app should be able to restrict downloads from unknown app stores. The app can immediately inform you when someone tries to steal your data. It should be able to block these kind of activities.

4- Solid State Drives (SSD): 

SSDs are the best choice for data storage, while purchasing any gadget you should focus to have one with SSD. Because SSDs are not only smaller in size but also faster than simple hard drives. These reliable and efficient SSDs have changed the way of data storage.

5- Anti Radiation Chip:

All wireless gadgets and electronic devices emit radiation. Which is harmful for human health. Experts say that you should keep your phone at least 25 mm away from your body every time. Further, don't use your phone for above 6 minutes per hour. This is almost impossible. The only solution is radiation protection chip. Having an Anti-Radiation chip in your best gadgets not only protects you from radiation, but you can also use your devices independently as long as you want.

6- Routers:

If you are worried about your internet speed then try to replace your free router. Always carefully purchase a router for your high-end  best gadgets. Your router should be faster and emit low radiation. You are able to connect multiple devices as well as parental control should be available.

We hope that above mentioned tips will help you to purchase the best gadgets for you.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Hidden internet the secret web

Today we are going to discuss about the hidden internet or dark net, so lets know and learn:

Hidden internet the secret web

Due to the internet, the world has become a global village. Billions of computers are connected to the Internet. It is an absolutely independent network and it has no owner. However, there are three departments in the world which work to maintain and care of the internet. These departments are internet society, internet architecture board and internet engineering task force, Which includes representatives from all countries of the world. Due to the cheap technology like 3G or 4G and with Laptops and smartphones, the number of internet users is growing drastically. But you should learn that There is something on the internet that usually remains hidden from the public, such as hidden internet or Dark net.

What is hidden internet or dark net?

Hidden internet or dark net is the name of the secret world of Internet. The sites established on hidden internet are called dark sites. These sites are not accessible through a simple way. There is a specific method to access these sites. Hidden internet and dark sites have become A huge marketplace of illegal and criminal activities. Dark net can only be accessed by the Tor Browser. This American invention (Tor Browser) has become a tool of criminals nowadays. It is almost impossible to identify the users who use this browser. So by using Tor browser dark net is being used for illegal activities such as drugs, weapons, child porn pictures and even professional killers can be found here. There are thousands of dark sites are working on dark net. Some of the worst and notorious websites on dark net are 'The Pirate', 'Pandora' and Silk road. Recently a search engine with the name of 'Grams' has been launched on dark net. This search engine resembles to Google, but it only shows the search results of dark sites. Now the criminal minded people can easily search on dark net what they want. Through dark net the criminals can buy the phone sets and computers on which the user cannot be identified. Then use them for their illegal activities.

Which currency is used on hidden internet?

The currency which is used on hidden internet  is called cryptocurrency. There are several cryptocurrencies are used on hidden internet. The big name is Bitcoin. This digital currency Bitcoin is totally independent. It is not considered legitimate currency nor it is supported by any bank or Government. It is based on the principles of cryptography. Because it is hard to identify its owners. That's why it can be used for illegal business.

Cyber police is continually working against hidden internet and dark sites. They have been successful in eliminating hundreds of dark sites yet. They have also arrested a lot of cyber criminals. But the fact is that during the past year illegal activities have also doubled on hidden internet.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

iMessage importance and benefits

Today we will describe some benefits of iMassage. Lets know and learn:

Nowadays text messaging is very popular. People, especially youngsters love to communicate through text messaging. It depends on cellular networks. If you are at the place where is no service available then you can't send or receive messages. If you have Wi-Fi enabled cell phone, then you might get the solution. There are several smartphones in the market which are providing simple messaging solutions such as iMessage from Apple for iOS Devices and Google Hangouts. They just require your Wi-Fi connection. That's why these reliable messaging solutions enable you to send and receive messages more quickly. On the other hand, you can also add many extra features which you can't do with regular text messaging. iMessage is the most adopted service so today we will describe its importance and benefits.

iMessage importance and benefits

Image source:

Some benefits of iMessage

Apple is one of the most liked brands in the world. It always tries to provide new and unique things. iMassage is also such a unique and very smart messaging App provided by Apple. It can be used with the iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X, iOS 5 and iPod. There are several benefits of iMessage have been described below:

> By using it, you will be able to communicate more quickly and privately.

> If the contacts listed in your Phone memory are also using it, then you're able to do endless chat with them. It will save your money.

> It also works with the internet connection which your device is using. Its message status is very powerful. You can easily confirm whether your message has delivered or not or whether it has been read by your recipient or not.

> You can bypass login process and open iMessage quickly without waiting for long. No need of the data connection.

> One great benefit is that You can manage and view chat logs more conveniently. When someone sends you a message, you are informed through a notification with a short preview. Which is totally free of cost.

> It is not only best for SMS but it's also great for MMS. Its push MMS capability is great. You can also send voice messages.

> Its finger drawing feature, email chat logs and working with WiFi make it more reliable messaging solution.

For those who haven't used it, just try iMessage and remain connected with your contacts every time.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Best free photo editing software? Lets know

Want to know which is the best free photo editing software? Today we will highlight some of the best free photo editors. Lets know!

Everyone wants to save his memorable moments of life in the shape of pictures.These pictures may look more beautiful if we edit them with the help of some photo Editing tool. There are several photo editing softwares available. As we all know that Adobe Photoshop is the leader of the market, but you have to spend some money in order to use its full features. Further, it is also difficult and you have to learn it before use. Here we need to use any other best free photo editing software. We have found some of the best Adobe Photoshop alternatives. Don't worry! They are not only free but also have a plenty of features.

Which is the best free photo editing software?

We have listed five of the best free photo Editors. Scroll down to know and learn.

Best free photo editing software? Lets know

GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is an open-source and the best alternative of Photoshop. It is free of cost available for Windows, OS X and Linux. Just like Photoshop, GIMP has a lot of tools. Its powerful features and customizable interface will make it your favorite photo Editor. You can set your most used tools in the toolbox.The best thing is, it's easy to use. The more you use, the better you get a grip on GIMP.

Best free photo editing software? Lets know is another free of charge tool. It works only with windows. Although it doesn't have as many features as GIMP, but it is a best tool for newbies. Because it is very easy to use. It has a lot of tools, layers editing support, several filters and effects, customizable interface and unlimited undo option make it the best free photo editing software.

3: Adobe Photoshop Express           
Best free photo editing software? Lets know

Adobe Photoshop Express is a free image editing tool. It is actually a web and android app. You can use it to quickly edit your images on your browser or social sites like Facebook or Flickr. If you are a newbie or an advanced user, it is same beneficial for you. It has many features like white balance, red eye reduction, retouching, cropping, resizing and so on.

4: Pixlr

Best free photo editing software? Lets know

Pixlr Editor is a free cloud based suite of Pixlr apps. This app is actually designed for newbies. However, its rich features, easy to pick user interface, cropping, red eye, blur, dodge, burn, layers support, resizing images and above 500 effects and borders make it a best free photo editing software. You can use it on smart phones or tablets as well as PCs.

Best free photo editing software? Lets know

Sumo paint is a web based online image editing tool. You can use its basic version for free, but its pro version is available for only $4 per month. It has the most versatile and highly standard features. It works with Adobe Flash Player. Almost all necessary tools and adjustment options are available which you can find in any desktop application. Such as cropping, resizing, brightness, contrast, layer support, sharpen, blur, curves, color balance and lots of others. Its free version is very easy and useful for newbies. It is also lightweight so it loads and works quickly. You can easily open and save your images from hard drive. Sumo paint is a best free photo editing software for newbies. But some advanced users don't use it because it offers only RGB color profile.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Tap Cash Rewards make some extra money

Tap Cash Rewards is an Android Application. This Application gives you a chance to make some extra money online with your device. Now stop searching to find make money apps on app stores.They will never pay. Tap Cash Rewards is a very simple App with over 1 Million users. It is a very popular and trusted app. You will only be required to watch videos, download some latest free games and applications. By doing this you will earn credits which you can instantly redeem for cash or Amazon gift cards. These Amazon gift cards are international and never expires. You can sign-in to Tap cash Rewards with your Facebook or Google+ account. If you join with your Facebook account then you will be treated as a VIP member. Tap Cash gives double credits to Facebook users.

Tap Cash Rewards make some extra money

How Tap Cash Rewards works:

First of all you will have to download Tap Cash Rewards from here. After installing the app, sign-in either using Facebook or Google+, both are good. After login you will see a code under your email address. This is your invitation code. This code can earn you 200 credits. All you need to do is just inviting your friend to try Tap Cash Rewards. When your friend downloads the Tap Cash app and after signing in he enters your invitation code, then you and your friend get 200 credits instantly. This way you can invite more friends. Every time you will get 200 credits when any of your friend join Top Cash Rewards.

Tap Cash Rewards make some extra money

Tap Cash Rewards make some extra money

Whenever you sign in to Tap Cash on your phone. You can find there a list of available offers. The offers of download a free app to receive free credits. Just download the apps, run them into your device and earn credits. You can redeem your cash when your credits will reach equal to only 1 dollar. Tap Cash is as simple.

Whenever you get some spare time in your busy life just use Tap Cash Rewards. It will not only earn you some extra money, but will also refresh your mind.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Flappy Bird APK free download link

Flappy Bird APK free download link
Flappy Bird is one of the most popular mobile games. It is a single player 8-bit horizontal scrolling game. In this game, Faby is a flying bird which continuously moves. Faby moves between the pipes which are similar to Super Mario game. The game ends when it touches the pipe. The player has to tap the screen to keep the bird flying. If the player doesn't tap the screen the bird fells down. The player makes score by the number of pipes Faby crosses.

Creator and developer of Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird has been created by Nguyen. He belongs to Vietnam.  He developed it in three days. He was inspired by a very popular game Super Mario Bros. He released Flappy Bird on 24 May, 2013. After four months it was updated for iOS 7.It was the most downloaded app at the end of January 2014. On 30 January, 2014 Falppy Bird's Android version was released. On 8 February 2014, Nguyen has removed Flappy Bird from app stores for unknown reasons. Due to the discontinuation of Flappy Bird downloading, the millions of fans became disappointed. Users of Flappy Bird started threatening to Nguyen. He even received threatening messages of murder. This is the proof that how much this game is popular.

A link to download Flappy Bird

After removal of Flappy Bird thousands of users still searching the web for download this game. Although there are several download links available online. But some of them have been expired and others require you to complete a survey to open download link. Further, these links contain viruses or Trojans which may harm your Android phone. I am also a big fan of Flappy bird. I have searched a download link where I have found no virus. So today I am sharing that link with you. If you want to download Flappy Bird into your Phone then click this link.

Note: We ( never store any kind of files on our servers. Sometimes we just share the download links which are already available on the web through different sources.

You can also download Flappy Bird into your PC and after that you can install it into your phone with the help of some Android PC suite.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Laptop battery life How to increase laptop battery life

Laptop battery life How to increase laptop battery life
How to increase Laptop battery life? Is it possible? Well! Lets know.
Laptops enable us to do work or play games any time, any where, but It's true that laptop Users are fed up of constantly going to charge up their battery. By doing some actions we can enable our laptop to run longer and increase Laptop battery life.

How to increase Laptop battery life?   Simply follow the given instructions

1-First of all, always try to keep your laptop's battery clean so that power transfer from it more efficiently. Regularly clean it with a soft cloth and Alcohol.

2-Defragment your hard drive regularly so that your system work faster. The windows De-fragmenting utility enables your system to search files quickly. A faster hard drive uses less power of the battery. Which results a long laptop battery life.

3-When you are on backup, shut down the programs which you are not using and that are running in the background. Closing these programs release the system load and save battery power.

4-Remove any external devices like USB flash drive or WiFi when you are not using them. Further, don't charge your other devices like Mobile or iPod through your laptop, especially when your laptop is on backup. Such charging quickly ends the power which reduces your laptop battery life.

5-When you charge the battery, so do try to use it within 2 weeks or less. If you leave your charged battery dormant for long time it will reduce your laptop battery life. For those who are using old laptops, first try to fully charge your battery and then also discharge it completely to prevent the memory effect. But don't apply this step to Lion Battery because it has no issue of memory effect.

6-Extend your laptop's Ram. For best performance 2GB RAM is recommended. It will enable your system to run on its own memory. If your Laptop has less RAM than it will have to rely on virtual memory which will use your hard drive. Ram uses less power than hard drive which results a long laptop battery life.

7-Protect your Laptop from heat and try to use it at room temperature. Regularly clean its air vents. Don't put your laptop on a soft surface like a pillow or bed that may heat up. Batteries die quickly at high temperatures.

8-Usually people stand by their laptops to save the power and quickly resume where they left. Although it saves some power, but besides the standby, if you hibernate your laptop, it will save more power than standby function. Hibernate function not only keeps your laptop's state as it is, but it shuts down completely as well.

9-Set up your Laptop's built in power management settings to optimize power usage. You can find them in the control panel. You can create a hardware power saving profile. In which you can set various settings according to your needs.

10-Switch off the ports and components that you are not using, for example Ethernet, VGA or any other USB devices and your wireless card.

11-Bluetooth also drains your Laptop's battery so enable it only when you want to use.

12-Don't let your laptop run on extra screen brightness. Try to as dim it as possible. This will save power.

13-While on Backup try to avoid playing games and watching movies. Further use basic text editor except MS Word, these applications heavily use Ram and hard drive which results much use of battery power.

14-Don't do more than one thing at one time. The majority of users listen music and check emails during their regular work on MS office. PC or Laptop's memory uses more power to handle data, which puts more burden on Laptop's battery. If you have a heavy RAM, then keep all of the in use applications open so that your processor don't have to load them from hard drive again and again.

15-While using the laptop on battery, avoid the use of CD/DVD drive. These optical drives use a huge amount of power while they spin CD or DVD. If you need some important data from CD then copy it into your hard drive before going to use your laptop on battery.

16-Disable the auto-save option of MS office. This function keeps saving automatically which takes more work than usual from hard drive and uses more power. You may turn it on again to save your work automatically, if your battery power near to end. By doing this you can save much power in the beginning.

17-If you are typing a document, then you don't need higher display. Use less graphics or shut down fancy graphics. You can do this by changing your Laptop's screen resolution. Turn it to a basic 1024 x 768 pixels resolution or more less. Your working potential will not be affected, but it will definitely increase your laptop battery life.

18-If you are in daylight, switch off your keyboard back lights. These back lights are power draining. You can also set a hot key for this purpose.

19-If you are listening music, use small earphones instead of Laptop's speaker. If you don't have earphones, then turn the volume as down as you can. This action can also help to save some power.

20-Always try to recharge your battery less than 100%. Set it's maximum recharge limit to 90%. By doing this you can extend your laptop battery life.

We hope, by doing all above things you can increase your laptop battery life. And if you still have to recharge your battery again and again, then its time to replace your battery.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

How to improve English speaking

Today I will give you some tips that how to improve English. Due to the importance of English language people want to improve their English language skills. With some effort and continuous practice everyone can speak English fluently. The first thing you should do is to make a plan for learning English. Then follow your plan with patience and soon you will succeed.

How to improve English speaking

How to improve English ? Follow these amazing tips

1-Speaking is a best way to improve English. Try to speak English confidently without any care of grammar mistakes. Usually people hesitate to speak English because they afraid that they will be laughed at due to mistakes. Just imagine that the English language is a river in which you have fallen and you can't swim, so you have to move your arms and legs to save your life. Same like that you can only learn English when you speak freely without hesitation. Grammar always improves through talking.

2-You can create an English speaking environment in your home. Choose a topic and start conversation with your family members in English. You can take the help of a dictionary to learn difficult words. Always keep a pocket size dictionary with you. You may call your friends for conversation in English. Having these conversations regularly will make you perfect in English.

3-When you attempt to speak English, at that time just think sentences in English. Stop translate from your mother tongue into English. Whatever you practice, try to replicate it in your mind in the form of English sentences. Thinking in English will help to improve English.

4-Write your daily routine in a diary every night. And make it your habit. These few sentences in English will improve your English writing Skills. Writing is also a better way to improve English.

5-Listening correct English is also very important. Start listening English songs and radio programs during your routine work. Listening English regularly will improve your listening skill even if you don't listen carefully. After some period you will feel that you can understand words more easily.

6-Some little practices are really helpful to improve English, such as reading English newspapers daily, teaching your kids yourself, reading your old English books of school, online chats in English and watching English TV channels.

7-Watch English movies with subtitles. You should watch a movie again and again this will amazingly improve your English speaking and listening skills.

8-You should also watch the movies of your language which have English subtitles. This will increase your vocabulary and will also improve your grammar.

If you follow above mentioned tips with patience then you will be able to improve English in a few days.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Nokia Lumia 630 Review

Nokia Lumia 630 Review
The new windows phone 8.1 Smartphone Nokia Lumia 630 has come with an excellent style.  We are going to discuss here some great features of Nokia Lumia 630.The best Windows Phone experience ever. It has incredible screen and very fast performance. The fastest keyboard. See your all settings, social media updates and chats, all with one swipe. You can easily customize the backgrounds and colors of the phone with a bright display,  Which have made it the foremost reasonable Smartphone.

Nokia Lumia 630 specification & price in Pakistan

Nokia Lumia 630 has a bright colored plastic body and a large 4.5 inch screen, clear black display with a high resolution pixel (854 X 480). Which means it’s easier to browse websites, delivers a much better viewfinder for taking pictures and very nice for enjoying games.
When we talk about connectivity, there is no mobile better than Nokia Lumia 630 in its price range. It has dual Sim card slots, Wi-Fi b/g/n, MicroUSB v2.0 port,  and Bluetooth v4.0

The Nokia Lumia 630 has fitted with a 1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor and 512 MB of RAM. It loads apps 30 % quicker than the older OS.

The Nokia Lumia 630 comes with a 5 Megapixel Camera without flash. It automatically focuses the objects and with image stabilization you'll use the Camera App to induce some nice close-up shots.

The Nokia Lumia 630 has the built-in internal memory of 8 GB. With a File Manager for Windows Phone, you'll be able to manage your files more effectively than ever.

The Nokia Lumia 630 is the primary Lumia to supply support for memory cards with up to 128GB capability, a staggering quantity of storage. 128 GB is really a great deal.

Some more features

Weight  134g

Talk time is up to 16 hours

Stand-by time is up to 600 hours

Playback time is 58 hours

5 Mega Pixel Auto focus Camera (2592 x 1936 pixels) and Video (720p@30fps)

3G Band HSDPA 900 / 2100

Browser HTML5

Price at the time of writing this article  USD: $171 and Rs. 16,800

These all specifications make Nokia Lumia 630 a best choice for everyone.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

How to download private Facebook videos

Today I am going to share with you guys, how to download private Facebook videos. First of all please read my previous article so that you can learn how to download Facebook videos. When users like a video on Facebook and want to download, they can easily download videos by using the methods which have been described in that article. But there are some videos on Facebook which are private. When you try to download private Facebook videos with a message appears like below picture.

How to download private Facebook videos

A method to download private Facebook videos

When you see the above message, you may follow the link which this message has contained and follow their instructions. If their method doesn't work then follow the below steps to download private Facebook videos.

This method works well in chrome browser so open Facebook in chrome and go to the video you want to download. Open the video in its own window or in a new tab and play it. After playing the video go to the menu and open developer tools from top right corner of the browser.Look below image

How to download private Facebook videos

You can also open developer tools by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I from your keyboard. Now this will open like below image.

How to download private Facebook videos

Open it in a new window by clicking on the upper right corner like above image. It will open in a new window like below image.

How to download private Facebook videos

In this window first select network tab and then click on type column under network tab. Here you can see all types of the files on this video's page. Click again on type column to arrange files by their types. Now let the video play till end. After finishing the video, find the video file in type column. Look below image.
How to download private Facebook videos

You can see the video/mp4 file. If you don't find this file, just refresh the video page and play the video again. After finishing the video you will find this file. Now right click on this file and open it in a new window.Here you can see the video, play it and then right click on it to save in to your computer. Look below image

How to download private Facebook videos

Note: If you are using Firefox browser then you can open this developer tool from the menu, look below image.
How to download private Facebook videos

After opening developer tools in Firefox, just follow the above mentioned steps. With this method you can easily download private Facebook videos.